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headlight adjustment?

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gf has a 2003 gt auto. the owner's manual refers to some sort of dial/switch to the left of the steering wheel that doesn't exist on this car, the only thing there is the power window lock. tech info on here refers to some nut or bolt you can turn, but when i turned the one i thought i saw on the headlight housing it had no effect.

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JOHN_B said:
Its right behind the headlight. Open the hood look closely on the headlight, it looks like a silver bottle cap. You rotate it up and down.
that's the one i'm talking about. turning it in either direction doesn't do anything.
i did it maybe 8-10 feet away from my garage wall at night with the garage lights off. i'll try again tonight, it just occurred to me that i might have still had the fog lights on at the time.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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