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Heh, u never keep your car looking new :-/

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I parked my ride at my friends the other night. and this mornign i was washing ti and i noticed what look like sap. then i look at see couple scratches in a circular formation and i got pissed cuz i was pretty sure ot was an egg. Called my bud up and he found shells in is front yard. Dumb pricks.

Any ways , anyone know a good car alarm with some kind of pager service or an alarm keychain that will warn me if my cars being messed with? I need to put the beat down on haters and old grammas bumping and vandalizing my car.
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i remember some1 showed some pics of something like that. it was a real old post(end 01ish). to my knoledge, something like that does not work on a long distance. even if it did, it had to be a clear path w/ the car. I'm not too sure about this though, do a serch and u will find out
Yea ive been looking but seems like they all are radio based. havnt found any that can actually page through a pageing service.
they do exist, i have one. they are made by magicar. it pages you when someone tries to break into your car. it shows you on the pager where at and even if your car has been started. you can be up to a mile away for it to work. i think something like an egg would set it off enough to send a page to you.
yeh, heard about those. Range is very limited though, and the signal can be easily interrupted.

In short, they aren't very reliable, but i guess its better than nothing.
sorry to hear bout your car getting egged thats gotta suck...makes me appreciate a garage...
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