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I know this is a very subjective question to ask, but this is the best place to determine the approximate value of a Celica. I'm interested in figuring out how much more my Long Beach Edition GTS is worth than a standard GTS of the same year and mileage. Since there are only 40 of these it makes it difficult to judge.
I practically stole this car and realize it's pretty rare. I picked it up for the deal, not the edition. I track my cars and they do not remain in their original condition. It would be a real shame to beat up a rare car. I've been wondering about selling the special edition lately, making a couple bucks, and picking up another stock GTS with higher miles. Something I wouldn't mind beating up and modifying. So I am posting to see what most of you believe I could ask for the car in a classified.

For some background, the car is 1 of 40 2000 GTS models sent to TRD to be customized for the event. They added their full body kit (minus the rear wing), suspension (no idea which kind), exhaust, and shift knob. They also added 17 inch Axis wheels and Pirelli P7000 tires. I believe they were all silver. From my knowledge and what others have noted, this is the only true Special Edition Celica produced. Everything else is a dealer edition or action package.

So as a baseline, I consider a stock 2000 GTS in mint condition with under 20K miles. I have seen these going private and dealer from 17.5K to as high as 20K. My car is under 20,000 miles and showroom.

Now you add the modifications, subtracting at least 50% from the original cost. Unfortunately, I don't know their cost. I am guessing an original TRD body kit, painted and installed is at least 2-3K dollars. Exhaust maybe another few hundred bucks. The wheels another grand at most. The suspension is a bit pricey depending on what it is. What is a fair total for the mods? 4K on the safe side? So 2K at 50% value.

Now you add the subjective cost of it being one of 40 Long Beach Grand Prix editions. It has the event decals and commemorative plate to match.

If the car were stock, and judging by the pricing on autotrader/recycler/yahoo, I would probably ask 19Kobo. Probably consider 18.5. Sound fair for a low mi, showroom car?

I need some experienced help with the rest. Being a rare car and the mods included, what would the car be worth to someone interested. 20K? more?

It also carries an extended 3yr Toyota warranty.

Anyway, I've been debating on listing this car, but don't really have a baseline to judge. There are no other LBGP editions for sale. Your perspective and help on coming up with a fair price to post is appreciated.

This is not a for sale post... otherwise I would have posted in that section. I truly need some experienced opinions on a fair listing price for this car. I have no baseline to judge on my own.
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