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Help finding Greddy SC Kit Part

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Hey everyone new to the forum here and im in desperate search of a part from the Greddy Supercharger kit for the 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S. The part I am in search for is the #7 part listed in the install guide here:(

It is the Lower Alternator Bracket as there are problems with it breaking.
If anyone has any knowledge of where I can get one or who I can buy one from that would be great. Feel free to email me (it should be in my profile displayed).

Thank you all for your future help and have a great day, thanks :).
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I replaced mine several times as well. I was one of the earliest members to run the kit so I actually ended up have one custom made after going through 3 of them. Since the kit gained popularity a company called BOE fabrication actually came out with a reinforced bracket set specifically designed for the celica. If I were you I go for that option.
Do you know if you still have a number for whomever custom made them for you?
^^^ BOE does not make a kit any more. So the best scenario is to find a used set from somebody who upgraded to BOE.
Damn, been searching everywhere as im pretty sure Greddy had them discontinued

Thanks for commenting
Honestly just take it to a machine shop and have them weld it then reinforce it. Should not cost that much.
thats what happened and it broke past the weld :(
^ thats what I did
any other ideas ?
do you have pictures of where the part keeps breaking?
No i do not because this is for a friend of a friend.

We can design and build an upgraded one for you if you like.
What is the price for that? Shipping to Kitimat British Columbia Canada V8c1z3
Probably $600 or $700
Just for the bracket + shipping? Also i Pm'd you my email so if need be you can go that way if easier for you.

I emailed the sales team as well.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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