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Help me with a Vote...PLEASE!

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A radio station is holding a contest to have a car in their booth for a local show and some stereo equipment. My car is Car #2. I need votes in order to win. The show is Importfest in Toronto. My car is the only import out of the three. If people could click on the e-mail link under the car pics and vote for my car (CAR#2) I would really appreciate it.
Many thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the support guys. Keep those votes comming.
I'm not sure about multiple votes(couldn't hurt to try:))
I've done alot of mods this year. Next year was the year
to do my stereo. If I win I'll get some equipment. Not sure
what but it'll be a start.
Thanks again.
Wow, thanks for all the comments, and the votes. I've done way more than I expected to this year. Starting to get more interest from sponsors. Even if I don't get in with the radio station TRD is going to have me in their booth. Things are comming together perfectly. :evil:
Voting goes till Friday. They aren't posting results till monday so I want to make sure.
Voting is closed. The radio station called to tell me the DJ would be calling the winner on monday between 6-8.
Thanks for everyones support. I'll let you know how it turns out.
(Fingers crossed)
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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