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help needed with.........

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well last night i tried to light a cig and when it popped out i pulled the thing out and the whole assembly came out of the dash in my hand. i have three bits now....1.lighter...2.body of lighter which fits in dash...3. a black plastic ring cover.

can someone tell me how you go about getting access in behind the lighter so i can try and re-wire it?

anyone else had this problem? i do use it a lot so hey.
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do you have a manual or automatic? just pull up on the cover to where the shifter is, behind it not in front.
it's a manual buddy. do u mean behind as in south so i am to pull on the bottom part?

yes, south, just pull up on the cover which goes around the shifter, put your fingers under the plastic and pull up on it. I cant explain it anymore than that without a picture.
quit smoking, its bad for you. that will fix the problem
Smaay said:
quit smoking, its bad for you. that will fix the problem

God's way of saying quit now while you're ahead of the game (IE your body's not fcuked up yet).
Like burn1ng said, lift up on the plastic around your shifter boot, and you should slowly be able to work the console piece loose from around the power window control all the way up to the ashtray/cig lighter area. You'll have to remove your shifter knob so that you can take the unit up far enough to work behind it. There will be a small wiring harness that clips in on the left side of the unit and once that is loose you can pull the whole piece loose and reattach your lighter and do any rewiring if necessary.

I've seen a cig lighter break loose before, most likely some small notch on the plastic broke, and now it wont stay locked in you might have to rig it up with superglue if you want to keep using the thing. A lot of times they are secured to the console by a 1/4 turn and held under pressure. Once you get it all apart you can see the damage.

hopefully that will help you out some.
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