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ASUspeeder said:
i just bought some WW side skirts. i am trying to put them out and i cant figure them out. do i have to drill in to my car to attach these things. it didn't come with any bolt or any thing. please reaposed fast becuase i am under my car as we type

1. You need 3M "tape primer" so the tape bonds to the surface of the car and wont peel off 6 months from now from moisture.

2. Remove factory side skirts. They wont fit if you dont do this.

3. Peel back the covering on the tape a little and start from the front of the side skirt and work you way to the back, peeling the tape covering off as you go.

4. Get some .75" self-tapping sheet metal screws. Drill them though the side skirts INSIDE the fenderwells, 2 scews each. I cant remember if there are any required under the sideskirt. You dont need any bolts, though.
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