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Help with performance mods

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I just got a 2001 Gt and it already has a cold air intake in it and I was wondering what other things can I do to get more horse power. I know exhaust and headers work but what else is there to do other then them ones?
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What he said.

Check the FI forum...
lol... what the hell is the deal with people answering honest questions with "trade your car in." it got old 2 years ago and it really isn't helpful. not to flame, but i see it in like every other post. aren't we here to help eachother out?
A good high performance driving school? If you can't drive it right, then no matter what you do it will only "look fast."
I think one of the first things to do is a short shifter if you are looking for basic mods, it makes driving more fun and your shifts will be faster...if you can drive well...
nitrous best bang for da buck. cant go wrong wit dat
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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