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Hey guys, I'm planning on purchasing new rims for my celly in about a month and was wondering what you guys think would look best?

My car is black and I plan on getting some TRD springs at the same time as my wheels. I can't decide which ones to get:

Flik Artic Black w/ Polished Lip:

Or the Konig Theory's in Graphite:

I'm not sure about getting 17's or 18's either. I don't have a bodykit right now, but I plan on getting one sometime around December of 2003. Would it look really weird having 18's w/ no bodykit? Should I get the 18's and wait it out?

I'm leaning more towards the Flik wheels personally, I think the black on black would look really nice. Thoughts and opinions?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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