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Ok im just venting a lil bit guys... and hoping maybe someone can make me feel better about my decision. I bought a GT , and lilttle did i know theres not to much u can do to them and they just dont have what a GT-S has , i love my car and it's fast for a GT , but i just really wish i had the GT-S engine... What are my options for my GT (Engine wise) besides turbo... anyways , kind of regreting the GT but yea... help me out. Would it be worth seeing about prices on swapping the GT-S engine in , or maybe jus the tranny w/ my engine? what u guys think?

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Should have done your research, an engine swap can be a pain in the ass.
If you wanted a GT-S then you should have bought one in the first place.
You can swap a 6-speed tranny. It's a better transmission and everything aligns to the 1ZZ-FE. But that won't do a great deal for performance.
when did you purchase it? if its within 5 days of purchase you can return it to the dealer minus the miles you put on the car, its actually a law that most people dont know about
^^ "No cool off period" means you cant do that
Actually that's only if you sign the paperwork off-site. I work at a Toyota Dealership, and that is a law, but like i said, if you sign paperwork on site at the dealership, and take delivery on the vehicle, it's yours. Good luck on making it faster though. I'm trying to do my best with what I have. Making the N/A GT faster.
just be happy with it. go appearence. unless your racing it doesnt really matter how much faster the gts is
yeah don't worry about it so much. but if you really want performance, go turbo. GT's can handle turboing better than GT-S's can. So it would be better if you turboed a GT anyways.

if anything, go apperance. celicas are great eye candy! :]
GT-S's actually have more potential for going turbo due to the better internals, regardless if the pistons are of higher compression...but yea. Either way, the Celica is still an underpowered FWD vehicle. RSX-S's, supercharched Cobalt SS, 350z's, G35's, SRT-4's, and even some nicely built b series motors from Honda can whoop the GT and GT-S. And they're the mid grade sports cars compared to Evos, STI's, and the American muscle cars. It really is more of a show car, unless you want to invest over ten grand into a turbo, internal build up, tuning, transmission, etc for this really light 2,500 lb car. Then THAT would be something.

My plan personally is to just make my GT-S into a friendly daily driver/show car. Something clean to give of a WOW effect, but nothing too crazy. Gunna do NA mods, work on the exterior, interior, suspension, sound, and then finish it off with the Greddy S/C. It'll be the best of all worlds while being a mid 13 second car on the quarter mile.

If you want TRUE performance...get a MR2 Spyder, swap in a 2zz, and then turbo that. But for your setup...settle with a cold air intake, aftermarket or ported header, and a extended tip TRD exhaust. It'll make your car at least sound a little bit better and more aggressive.

I'm going to be dreaming about that turbo 2zz setup for a LOOONG while...
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Wow, you actually posted this in GD ... :laugh:

Back on topic, you should've done your research first. Now you're gonna have to live with your mistake for the next 3+ years until you pay it off.

You sound like a performance guy, so I'm not gonna tell you to just make it a show car. You're pretty much fcuked unless you're willing to drop thousands and thousands of dollars into your GT, at which point it will just become a money pit.
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