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Haha, ol Green Thumb always ragging about picture size..hehe just kidding Jenny (love ya), I know it sucks for some people, gonna keep mine smaller from now on. But what I waned to say is the under body neons are really good looking..where did you get them from?

<IMG SRC="" border=0> 2001 Silver GT 5 spd Kireila plates <IMG SRC="" border=0>

Alpine 8063 Alarm, Magnaflow exhaust, Injen CAI w/splash guard, TRD shift knob, OBX Pedals, Blue painted engine panels, Blue turn/parking lights, Super white headlights, Silver window banner, S2000 Antenna, 20% tint all around

-Nakamichi CD40z HU, Boston Acoustic Pro Series 6.5 Seperates, Boston Acoustic Rally RM6, SoundStream Exact10' subs, Phoenix Gold XS2300 and XS 2500 Amps... COMING NEXT:pGXS 2200 amp and AlumaPro 5 Farad CAP (installing 8/5/2001)

Next Up: Invader Kit (Being painted), Blue Neons for footwells and headrests(8/5), Tanabe Precedeo Springs (en route),17' Konig Tantrum's(8/6),
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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