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HID flicker option.

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Okay to get the super cool purple/white/blue flicker can I take my halogen housing buy an after market HID kit and switch out the lens in the halogen projector with a late model tsx lens?
Or do I need the OEM HID housing or is that just a cosmetic upgrade?
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the color i believe is the flicker he is going for, anyone try this for themsleves? i have a tsx lense we could try this on if anyone has a set of projectors, i would love to see the outcome. Oem halogen projectors arent bad at all, even with an hid kit you still get a pretty good cutoff,

all the tsx lense adds is a different focal point and a bit clearer, even though halogen celica lenses are pretty clear to begin with.
^ which is basically and s2k projector and tsx clear lense.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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