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HID Kit, will it fit the Celica?

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Will this HID kit I bought for my Alero fit the Celica? I'm not sure so lemme know if it will or not, if not i'm going to have to sell it and get one that will. Thanks, here are the pics of it.

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its a 9006 it wont work, you need a h7 kit to fit a celica
Nah, I think you can make it work. It won't be just plug and play, but it'll still work. I got my HID's 3 yrs ago, when they didn't put custom bases on the bulbs. I put 2 reg phillips d2s bulbs in and mine have worked fine ever since. You just gotta figure out a way to secure the bulb in the slot. You'll prolly have to bend that metal lock pin to get that to lock back in. If it were me, I'd just use what you got and make it work, it'll prolly be much cheaper.

You have to be careful when modifying a 9006 conversion kit to fit an H7 application. If its not done properly your beam pattern wil be conpletely off and thus blinding to other drivers.


Hey Xenon, if you could gimme some instructions on how to properly do the conversion to an H7 application that would be great. The directions have to be in "lamen's" terms since I really don't know to much about this sort of thing.
Think about it this way:

its honeslty not that easy man. We use custom moulded bases to ensure proper fitment. We do not believe in adaptor rings.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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