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higher than 91 octane

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Is there a place in san diego that sells higher than 91 octane gas .. like 93 or n e thing .. ????
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ask around the local speed shops, they may know of certain places that do.
Hey buddy, ORW in escondido has 100 octane... Don't know how much though.
Find Union76 website, there is a link to help you find a station that carries racefuel. Those are the stations that carry 100 Octane fuel, these racefuel has atleast double the hydrocarbon content than normal fuel so it burns better. If you are going to race at high speed, these are the fuel for ya :)

Go to the store locator and check "racing fuel."
Damn mike & beat me to it.
i was lookin for somethin more like 93 or 94 octane or so .. can u mix 100 and 91 to get a higher mix?
Lets assume you have 10 gallon tank you add 7 gallons of 91 to 3 gallons of 100 you would get 93.7 Octane. However you will be running better than a straight 93.7 octane straight from the pump (there is no such thing as 93.7 octane pump ofcourse) becuase that 100 Octane has soo much hydrocarbons it increase the quality of this 93.7 Octane :)

Most people fill up 3.5 gallon of 91 octane and 1.5 gallon of 100 octane to get 5 gallons total, afterall more fuel you carry more weight on your car :)
ORW or Dave Turner or many other places for 110 octane gas!
i was kinda lookin for like 93 or 94
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