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i've had a raised hoodscoop sitting in my closet for about 4 months and i'm getting sick of looking at it. was gonna wait until i got my complete kit to get it prepped and painted with everything else, but i'm broke as hell and that could be a while. so i want to get it taken care of now. any reccomendations as to where to take it to get fitted, prepped and painted? how much you think it will be, like 75 bux or so? also, will i have to leave my car there for a day, or will they just need it for an hour or so to fit it, then i just come back the next day for pick up after the paint is dry? suggestions?

oh, and i have an unpainted c-one wing i'm selling for cheap if anyone is interested.

thanks guys (and gurls)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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