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hooooooo my freakeeng gewdniss!

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i got my 1st salaried paycheck today.
for $1200.06
wtf? $0.06?

i used to get paid half that at my old job.

(yes clint...i'll be spending much more now) :gap:
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85 TRRRR said:
Is that per week?
I wish!
every two weeks.

my old job paid me about $620/2 weeks.
Congrats on the new higher paying job.:thumbup:
What job is that?
Landscaping Design
congrats on the $$$. so when will you be taking us out for dinner *wink wink* jp jp haha. damn...i wish i made that much.. but i'm only working part time so mines is like... quarter of what yours is or something =(
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