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Without getting into any arguments I'd like to ask about the Ford comments. What is flawed about the Exploder's rear suspension? Until recently and as far as I know in all cases being sited, it was a simple live axel, no different from the one on the Ranger or any other small truck with a live rear axel made by any other manufacturer. I've always avoided blaming Firestone for the issue but I'm not sure Ford is to blame either as it has always appeared to me that this was a user/driver problem not a tire/vehicle problem. After all more than 9 out of 10 people AFTER the Ford/Firestone debacle couldn't tell you what their tire pressures were, 3 out of 4 didn't know where to find what the manufacturer said they should be despite the near nightly demonstrations on CNN and every local news station, and more than 6 out of 10 SUV drivers had one or more tires seriously underinflated, defined as 25% or more below the manufacturers recomendation. I'd imagine that if I were to panic at 75MPH because of a tire blow-out I could yank the wheel enough to make even a Celica flip, obviously much harder to do in a Celica than in a top heavy SUV. I'll agree that the change in standards is a typical kneejerk government reaction to a problem that was blown out of proportion by the press and lawyers but it seems that blaming Ford isn't a good answer.

I'll be up front here and say I'm not un-biased. My father works for Ford, my grandfather is retired from Ford and one of my uncles also works for Ford. I grew up in a militarily Ford family, who isn't happy that I own a BMW, a Toyota and a Subaru and don't own any Fords (and haven't since I dumped the POS Contour back in 99). While I do not think that Ford builds any decent cars, at least under the Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury names, and I've heard enough diatribes against Nasser to last me a lifetime I still feel somewhat obligated to speak out when Ford is blamed for something I don't think they could have done anything about.
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