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hotchkis springs??

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i just bought some hochkis springs i was wondering what are the best struts for these i was thinking of the kyb gr-2! does ne1 know if konis or agx are better for daily driving in boston. = lots of bumps and uneven pavement ne feedback would be great thanx.
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I dunno, I got hotchkis springs on my car too. Stock struts.. Konis would be a pain to install from what I've read, I'd go with Kyb gr2 or agx. I just bought new rims, 17''s, and Im going to get my car aligned (which is going to cost a ton to do correctly) then going to save up money for the struts, not sure if I will get koni's or not then spend 64$ to get it aligned again. Its really up to you.
I read in the Hotchkis catalog, they say they sell shocks/struts for the celica, but There arent any in the webpage.. It would be pretty bad ass if they did have them though. When my steering wheel is leveled, my car starts pulling to the left, is that an alignment problem that can be corrected? I guess I'll correct it once I get the struts if it is.
Its not the struts, as for the hotchkis struts/shocks, they dont make them.. Guess I'll go with AGX, why are koni's so good?
Yea I think Im going w/ AGX's too, then get the sway bars.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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