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How About my EyeLids....

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What is the best type of eyelid to get for the celica. Vinyl vs... poly.... vs ABS.... The Top part that is covered by the eyelids will cover the spot on my head light that my wife spray OFF bug Killer on it and it has a little 2 inch spot that got foggie..or dull ... I am think if I should get a new head light or I wanted to get eyelids anyway so what do yall think... Just asking for opinions and maybe some pics of what they look like on if anyone has some. SILVER Celica if possible... my Wife needs a pic cause she has no imagination... OK THAT IS MEAN BUT THE TRUTH!!!
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I've always love eyelids especially if you aren't smoking out your headlights they are great and you can alway revert back to stock if you plan to sell your car in the future make a few bucks off the headlight cover.
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