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How fast have you got your Celica?

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Alright, I have always been curious how fast you guys have got your cars to go stock, or not. I tried to max mine out about a week before that a$% hole hit me. Obviously the speedo says 150, but can you get it to go that fast? I got my car up to almost 130 when it seemed like it didnt want to go much faster. 2 things I think made it not want to go faster, 1 that day there where SUPER strong head winds coming from the direction I was going strong enough to give you a good push standing up. 2 I had both my windows down and my sun roof open. It seemed like my windows being down was creating A LOT of drag inside my car like a parachute, every time the wind kicked up and blew harder it felt like it was pushing my car back. So whats the fastest you guys have got yours up to?
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ive hit 140 mph in my GTS, if turbod i think you can hit 180mph
130mph? in a auto GT? are you on crack? A manual GTS barely reaches 140mph, theres no way you hit 130
i ran from cops twice and got away, it take time for them to call something in. and if you are blowing past 150mph and you blow past a cop you keep going, they cant catch you at those speeds, you see their lights keep it floored til you get to the next exit pull into a shopping center get out the car and go into a store.
lVlemphizStylez said:
I guess it must be pretty tame further North..Cops cruise I95 in UC Cobra's...GTO's...and Z28's..(So when you zip by them they arent stationary with the gun on, they are moving with traffice)...But am I to believe that your celica will outrun their Cobra's GTO's and Z28's on the highway?
i doubt you will be able to outrun the cars you listed when they are moving. but the two time i got away were from crown victoria who were standing still. they just couldnt catch up, and i was long gone
lVlemphizStylez said:
youre quite the idiot...its got nothing to do with being a good driver...things become less and less in your control at those speeds for extended periods of time...and believe me, taking your gts to 130 is an extended period of time
it takes my car about 30 sec from 0-140mph, thats not that long
lVlemphizStylez said:
it takes a GTS longer than 30 seconds to hit 140..I dont care what youtube video you saw...My car in N/A form trapped 98 and ran 14.2's all day...and it didnt take 30 seconds...It took too long (slow) and your car isnt trapping 98 with what you got listed...and what the above poster says is very relevant..The ground you cover getting to 140 in a celica is too much for comfort
how would you know how fast my car is? I Timed my run from 0-140 and it took 30 sec if not less, probably less. i have about 150lbs of weight reduction as well and my car is in optimum running condition with 240psi cylinder pressure on all 4. it doesnt take long at all for me to get to 140mph, when i was stock it was pretty long.
lVlemphizStylez said:
Id know it isnt trapping 98 with what you have listed...Basically what youre getting at is you run faster than 14.2 (13's ????) with just 150 lbs of weight reduction...My car was also 245 across the board..Cammed with shorter gearing and headwork...Like I said your car takes more than 30 seconds to hit 140, but Ill leave you to it because nobody will convince you otherwise (lemme know when you get your 1/4 mile it off to me)
yeh but your car isnt a celica. every car is different.i can hang with 2006 350Z, and beat on 2001 model mustang GTs hang with cobalt SS supercharged, S2000s, beat integra GSRs and Type R and I can go on and on. i dont have an ordinary GTS is what other celica owners and everyone else I raced have told me.
lVlemphizStylez said:
ok you have a 13 second I/H/E win...

Like I said youre the guy that goes "Yea dude I got a freak engine" because youve managed to outdrive some amateurs...

Hit the track and youre disppointed because youre like in the high 14's...with a 2.1 60ft (basically the max potential of your setup slapping you in the face)
amateurs? the guys I ran race on the track all the time, they were all skilled drivers. i will go to the track this friday and see what I run at Rockingham Dragway
I ran a 15.0 in July, not landing 2 gear lift at ALL because of traction problems with a 98 degree temperature with 100% humidity. the track was very hot, and it was uncomfortable to drive.
i didnt say I ran 13s I said I beat/ could hang with the above listed carsI bet I could run a 14.5 if not a little less.
why is it so unbelievable when people have hit 14.7-14.9 on STOCK GTSs?,
there have been quite a few here who have gone low 14s or mid 14s with just intake exhaust. and with PFC and drag radials with weight reduction you should have no problem hitting high 13s. hell DanGTS hit it with just I/E Drag radials, what are you going to tell him. just shut the hell up and go back to your crap honduh, you dont know what your talking about
you need to stop running your mouth and face the facts, your honduh isnt the fastest car on earth. and yeh i did run a 15 so what, that doesnt mean i dont know **** about cars. I know a lot more than you think.if I had the money I would go buy an evo 8 and upgrade that bitch to run 650whp reliably. which I am going to do in the years ahead.
^^^how big of a shot was he running?
you shouldnt be going that fast anywhere near other cars. I have an area I go to for test runs that becomes completely deserted at around 2am. and I rarely go there anymore.
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