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How fast have you got your Celica?

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Alright, I have always been curious how fast you guys have got your cars to go stock, or not. I tried to max mine out about a week before that a$% hole hit me. Obviously the speedo says 150, but can you get it to go that fast? I got my car up to almost 130 when it seemed like it didnt want to go much faster. 2 things I think made it not want to go faster, 1 that day there where SUPER strong head winds coming from the direction I was going strong enough to give you a good push standing up. 2 I had both my windows down and my sun roof open. It seemed like my windows being down was creating A LOT of drag inside my car like a parachute, every time the wind kicked up and blew harder it felt like it was pushing my car back. So whats the fastest you guys have got yours up to?
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110 is all ive done. I had a friend that was goin like 95 and a deer jumped in front of him.
Yea man, bad news. 2 dangerous
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