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How Many OG'ers still have there Celica?

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So Far heres (that I know of) thoes who have fallen:

Oo DaRk StAr oO (WRX)
chico (WRX)
Jotan82 (Evo 8)
Pluto (Evo 8)
LarryD (Eclipse)
4B (350z)
Static (350z)
Karim (S2000)
ProToolsKid (New car Pending)
cruzerz545 (?)
GirlRacerTRD (MR2 Turbo)
ArchangelX (RX-7 Turbo)

Who's still around?
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I've been on the boards since August 2000. :)

Had my car since july 5, 2000
yo man.. don't forget about me.. ive been here since back then.. i just stop hella posting..

<------ August 2000

i own a DSM.. 2 of them..

a 98 GST.. and a 95 GSX.. both are slow.. :)
Bought car: 10-11-2000

Joined the ORG: 10-30-2000

Still goin...........
us ex-celica owners gotta realize this is still a "CELICA" site.. lol
esp YOU Oo DaRk StAr oO LOL... if i didn't have my DSM i would start gettin mad for u always posting ur wrx crap and ur new turbo stuff.. LOL.. j/k playa
still rollin...bought the car in oct 2000....
purchased 10-99 now up to about 55,000 miles and going strong.

I've been around for a good while, don't plan on getting rid of mine any time soon
I've been around since July 2000. I still have my car but I'll be looking for something new this fall.
Bought in April 2000, was on the site...not sure? hehe, guess I'll find out after I post :)
please define Original Generation, as it pertains to this website.
i still have mine :)

but i am prolly going to add a new STI to my list in addition to the celica.
Got mine 3/00 but I had a 6th gen before it and so I was lurking around for Celica info before this board was here :)

Toyota Celica Online was about the only decent site for the Celica until 7'th gen came out. Toyota had to do something right for there to be such a large explosion since then.

I will probably have mine for a long time to come since I hardly put any miles on it while at College. Now with DD's kit around the corner it makes even less sense to take a huge loss on a car that is still 99.9% good as new.
don't remember how long i have been here (i guess it says when i registered on my post) bought my celica in march of 2000, 60k and no plans to get rid of it.
TRD StreetRacing said:
what do you consider/mean "OG'ers"???
by the list of names he posted.. im assuming he means the OGs here on
got my car in March of 2000, but I've lurked on this board and since December 99' and I'm still here :)
well Bought my car new 00 celica in january 01, registered December 2000 still got mine but depending on the problems i am getting with the car i might be ditching it soon but I was here when the boards were first up just never registered but I wouldn't say i'm a true OG
1 - 20 of 109 Posts
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