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Umm it seems to me that a c/f hood would have a less likely chance of coming through the windshield than the stock hood reason being yes metal bends, but the carbon fiber will bust up, this is not the carbon fiber that is extremely strong liked used in military planes and such, this is like someone stated earlier fiberglass with c/f on top with a gel coat on top of that, and trust me it would either first fly up and just pop onto you winshield, or two hit your windshield and shatter it, but the windshield would not allow it to go through easily, the windshields are designed so that they shatter but they dont exactly break if you get what I am saying, and the thrid and most likely scenario is that the c/f hood would just break into a billion pieces just like fiberglass!!!!!!!!! I can't stress that enough I really don't think you will have to worry about it coming through your windshiled!!! If you want to test how strong a windshield is, call you local auto glass installer, ask them if they have any busted windshields, then get the hardest, sharpest cold knife you can find, go down to the autoglass place and ask them for a spare broken pieced of a windshiled , set the windshield up on two saw horses and just see if you can punch a hole through the windshield with that knife, see how hard it is!!!!! I really dont think u have anything to worry about!! Hope this helps some!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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