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How to change or Check air filter ???

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where is the air filter exactly and how do i check and know when to change it ?
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bigtommyt said:
changing the fuel filter, can it be a DIY thing ?
Its one of the easier DIY's for your car. The most time consuming portions of it are removing the lower half of the rear seats and unscrewing 8 screws from the donut-shaped ring that gives you access to the fuel pump and filter.

Dealing with gasoline isn't always the safest thing one could do since you'll be staring into the top of your tank but common sense can get you far. Follow all instructions (that can be found using a search) or better yet, if you have any second thoughts, you can take it to a professional or a friend that has the skills.

As mentioned earlier, its not necessary to change it but I did change mine at 60K (a bit over 5 years old) since I'll have the car for a while and I had some time on a weekend.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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