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I think she's gotta go guys.

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Well, I decided to put my car up on here again. It is all stock except for some hotchkis springs and a tmw short shifter. The car has 92k on it and i know the last 40k have been all highway commute miles. Great car, very clean, just want to get out of some debt before my wedding. I am in Kearney Nebraska. Asking $10,500 obo. This is probably one of the cleanest you will find anywhere. I know how hard it is to find the manual GT-S around the midwest area so I figured maybe someone on here would know someone looking. Can you guys think of anyone. I would love to get 10.5 but would take offers. Nothing too lowball though.
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Nobody wants to shoot me an offer???
My cousin is looking for the 6-speed GT-S but he is heading back home to Houston to look at them with his dad. I will tell him about this, although I think he'd prefer to buy it in Houston.

Congratulations on your marriage!
Hey thanks Zach. Its a pretty exciting time, but there is a TON of planning for a wedding. Its crazy. Yeah, let your cousin know. This car has been well taken care of. I would sell it to him for 10,500 or best offer. I just put new tires on it 3 weeks ago. I havent modded it at all except for the springs and the TMW short shifter. The only reason is that I want to get out of some debt. Please let him know and get back to me. You can email him the pics of you want to.
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