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Originally posted by deathscythe589
Thanks guys, this is exactly the kind of info I need. What about new tires. I just have the stock 15". Would new light weight 17" one help much?

Klutch: I have a 5spd Manual
Bigger rims are going to be slower, even if they are going to be lightweight. What is it, rotational intertia of a ring=mr^2? What that is saying that a wheel gets harder to move the more it weights and the bigger the radius. Radius has more of an effect on the equation because its squared. So, even if you have 17's that weight exactly the same as your 15's (or even a little bit less) they are still going to make your car slower. Most peoples advice on these boards will be to get some lightweight 16's for performance. What a lot of people do that have GT's is get a set of GTS rims, you can find them on buy/sell forums for a couple hundred bucks every now and then.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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