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Injen intake color question

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I wanted to get a blue injen intake, but i know i remember hearing somewhere that all the hoses and all that stuff are still red. is this true? anyone with a pic of a blue injen intake installed?

if it does come with red is there a way to replace all the red crap with blue? red won't go with my car at all.

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Yes it does come with red hoses.... i'm not sure why
i havent heard of an injen intake coming in any other color than red
i have the chrome one with red hoses and they look awesome.

I think that the blue Injen with the red hoses is the perfect hoses with blue intake will look like crap.
hey thinking of getting blue hoses for my polished one ..its in need of replacing the red hoses...kills me since my engine plastics are all blue
yeah man. i like to pick one accent color and stick to it. having multiple colors NEVER looks good. can these be dyed with that vinyl dye, or can they be replaced or something? surely someone has had to have overcome this red ****.
I've got the blue Injen intake.. I can take pics after work today.
damn someone beat me to it.. guess ill just work on brakes after work instead :)
damn. that looks good if your car is blue but i don't want any red. damn.

so now, has anyone come up with a way to make theirs all blue? aem is all blue but they're out of the question.

maybe some split loom to cover the hoses and something on top of that big red piece...
Use the stock hoses, and cover or paint the large rubber pieces and take off the Injen sticker if you want no red. Not worth all the work just for an intake IMO.

I'm making a solid piece of carbon that will cover most of the engine bay exposing just the fuse boxes, ecu, battery, all resiviours, the valva cover and intake manifold tubes. It will be held down the same way all the individual pieces are held down now, but it will cover all the gaping holes in the engine bay including the intake. So I'm not concerned about that too much.
i think a blue vinyl cover would help with the ecu cover..then you can buy blue hoses that are the same size as the ones provided with the intake along with that red elbow...hey bluebat..we got a project for u;)
Ugh. I hate colored plastics under the hood. Valve covers, that's one thing. Most manufacturers do that. But the plastics? Yuck.
why not just get the blue hoses from Advanced Auto Parts... Pep Boys.. etc etc everywhere around here has some
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