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Integra Type-R Wing

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Got it in on thursday and painted/installed on friday. All I can say is going from wingless, to this ITR wing makes my car look 100% more aggresive and stylist.

Makes me want to own a real ITR even more. I'll try and get some pics later tonight :)

PS: I paid $110.00 to factory quality paint job and install, did I get a good deal, or pay to much? A reputable body and collision shop did it. (Not a Custom Shop)
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no pic no mod
The Game said:
no pic no mod
Give me a break, I'm at work. ;)
for a minute i thought you owned a celica... :ugh:

then i read your sig :)
:rofl: That would be scary. :rofl:
$110 seems fair if the paint job was good...nonetheless, I really would like to see it. Post pics!
Well the guy claimed it will have same durability as a factory paint-job, I hope hes right, because I don't have a garage. I drive a poor outdoor non-garaged car. :(
:worthless sorry lol wanted to use this :p
Nice. I bet it looks great. Just promise us no Type R sticker on the car now.
No Type-R sticker for me.

All I got left on exterior is to get my Wings West lip painted, and my JDM Azect sideskirts & rear ordered. Oh yea and springs, if you count that as exterior work :)

Also planning on getting some new rims, check Buy Section of the forum for more info.

Edit: Here is a picture of the side skirts & rear skirt I want to get:

Pretty bad ass and clean eh?
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I love type R wings, they make the car that much more awesome. Nice mod man! The championship white itr is the first car I buy when I'm out of college.
Speaking of which, can anyone here HELP me locate where to buy Azect aero parts online? When I do a search on google I get results for nothing but the full front JDM conversion with Azect front lip.

I am looking JUST for side skirts & rear skirt. Thanks. :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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