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right , the reason you shouldn't throw a cel is that :

1- whatever is controlling your oem pump is reading the sensor which should be located between the oem pump and the inline...this sensor does NOT see the added pressure so it thinks everything is stock ...and therefore it doesn't bitch...

ps when they first installed it on the mustang they had the sensor at the rail...fuel pressure spiked to target, the sensor would see it and compensate by killing the stock pump and the setup didn't work...but after relocating the sensor that is solved

2- The FMU is tunable at different rpms , so if you dyno tune it, then the readings from your o2 sensor should be good ...and the ecu won't complain about the mixutre

the only thing you'd have to worry about when using this on a 7th gen is the fact that the ECU bitches when it sees too much air coming through the Air flow meter... i think someone said anything past 5psi ...

i guess the way to solve this would be to limit the AFM voltage at the highest the ECU can read before it starts bitching (like a fuel cut defender) and then add the rest of the necessary fuel using the FMU adjustments

tricky but doable

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