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Frightful Speculations
By Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD
[email protected]

At the risk of not being taken seriously, I wish to dwell on the following speculations. Though speculations entirely, rhetoric and actions from the official circles as well as events that have taken place raises this matter from pure speculation to one that justifies discourse.

I am referring to two movies I watch, compelling me to embark on this short speculative commentary. In the year 2000, a movie, "Siege", was introduced to cinemas and theaters all over the United States. It boggled the mind of many Americans as well as others. Having seen and heard news and images of suicide bombers on television on daily basis, people in this country wondered and could not imagine the sheer magnitude of such a disaster unveiling upon the United States. Tragically, more than a year after the introduction of the movie, "Siege", we witnessed horrific scenes of the planes diving into the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

Incidentally, in 2002, I decided to watch another frightful movie, "The Sum of All Fears". Indeed, its name suffices to illustrate the magnitude of horror and fear it depicts in the mind of the audience. It becomes an unimagined display of disaster in one
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