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Invision Performance CELICA GTS!

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i been getting a few pm about my celica and its specs so ill post it here!
these are all the pics i have.
I no longer have the car, it has been sold. :cool:

some of you seem to be confused, i am sheizen, this is the new name i am using to be a site sponsor!

All parts on the car can be bought BRAND NEW from our store, so just shoot us a pm! :thumbup:

Recaro Pole Position Bucket Seats
Recaro Side Mounts
Takata Harness
TRD Duracon Shift Knob

C-One Full Lip Kit
Brashboy Lip Spoiler
18x8.5 +44 Volk Racing LE28N Gunmetal
Rays Lug Nuts
Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
Bomex Aero Mirrors
JDM Window Shades
JDM Clear Fuel Lid w/ Gas Cap
JDM Bumper Lights
Carbign Craft Carbon Fiber License Plate Backing
Carbon Fiber Trunk Handle
Custom Carbon Fiber inserts on body kit
IPT 6 Piece Carbon Fiber Engine Covers
3M Clear Bra: Front Bumper and Lip
Xenon Depot HID

AEM Cold Air Intake
HKS Hi-Power Exhaust
APEXi Filter
TWM Short Shifter
Speed Source Alum. Shifter Bushings

Zeal B6 Coilovers
Cusco underbrace
Hotchkis Sway bars
Hotchkis Camber Links
TRD 3-Point Rear Strut Bar
C-ONE Front Strut Bar
Lucky Engineering Pillar Bar
Tanabe Front under Brace
Tanabe Rear under Brace
Tanabe Adj. Endlinks.

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badceli said:
One of my favorite Celicas. Sheizen did a great job building that car. Would have been cool if you could have mentioned that when you posted these pics.
i am sheizen! we are using this name to be a site sponsor! :thumbup:

vyets said:
beautiful man! just beautiful.
btw can u buy the c pillar from u as well?
the pillar bar can be bought through me, its $70 shipped.

Jintei said:
Nice. On the top page you said those are LE28N but it says CE28 on the wheels?
Do you think you could give me a good deal on a set of CE28N (16"x8)? Let me know... :)
we can get volks at a good deal but you have to know there is a 3 month wait time after the wheels are ordered, if you are serious send me a pm and we can set everything up, you are looking at spending about $1900 for a set of 16".
kimGT said:
Actually i think he just gave it to his brother so its still intact.
yeah i gave it to my brother, he crashed it and we sold it.
1 - 6 of 55 Posts
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