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is it time to walk away?

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I own a 2000 Celica GT-S, it's the first car I ever bought and I absolutely love it.
However the time has come where I have to make some hard decisions and I'm looking to you the experts for some help.
I can either continue to put money into the car but I would have to take money out of my college fund to do so.
I can do the bare minimum repairs and hope to "ride it out"
Or I could sell it and get a new car, however if I did that I would want another celica.

So here are the problems and this is where I really need your help because it might actually be something simple or at least hopefully cheap to fix. Which if that is the case then I will still have money for college and maybe even a little left to continue making my celica better.

So when I got it back from the spring check up today here is the list of things to keep on eye on from my mechanic.
1.)Rack and Pinion fluid was leaking
2.)Fuel was leaking, most likely from fuel tank although that stopped when it warmed up more
3.) Front bumper needs to be replaced (I have a new bumper I just need to get it installed. But if I sell the car or get a new one why waste the money on that)
4.) The front calipers are leaking break fluid, the leak is not from the hose but from the seal in the calipers.
5.) The right rear alignment nut is loose (I believe this is the self locking one)
6.) There is a hard hitting thumping sound coming from the front left wheel well area, everything was tight and nothing was loose so the only thing we could think of was that it is something that is inside the strut that is broken or loose. Mind you I just replaced all the shocks, struts, springs, sway bars, camber bolts in front and camber links in rear, and all end links and tie rods last spring.

I'm open to any and all advice and help I can get right now so please help me out and thank you in advance for all of your advice and knowledge.
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I don't think you would be successful selling that one for enough to buy another one in better shape. That doesn't make sense. So if that's your only option out you're going to have to re-think it.

'Leak' is pretty non-specific so it's hard to say what a repair would run. Are you dealing with someone that really knows the Celica and the 2zz engine?

Try and get some more details/info, if not detailed repair estimates and I'm sure the community here can help.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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