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Is running a S/C such a good idea??

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Ok those of you who responded to my last thread know where i stand as far as engine mods but for the sake of finding it I'll post it again...

2002 Celica GT 1zzfe:

255lph Walbro Fuel pump
11:1 Compression Wiseco Piston
Crower Rods
(motor was fully rebuilt w/ all new parts)
DC sports header
Cat Back exhuast

Ok here's the million dollar question (or in this case $5,000 as thats what the motor cost), is it safe to put 5 to 7psi through a 1zzfe with 11:1 compression if you fully upgrade the head (valves, springs, ect.)? Is it safe at all? This will be a fully stripped race car so make no mistake it doesn't have to be a reliable daily driver but I also don't feel like paying to rebuild it after every race.

Some one with S/C expirience please help. I know the Greddy systems are run on the 2zz and they are stock 11:1 and are safe. Will this also apply to a modded 1zz?

Thanks for the help.
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the only thing you have to worry about on an 02 1ZZ is if your motor is an oil burner. If you are using 1 quart every 2K miles or more then I would rebuild the bottom end before FI
Glad to hear it! When you reseal the rear main be sure to use new crank bolts - that will make sure you don't get oil leaking through there.
There was a guy with a SF turbo that did a 6speed on his 1ZZ a long time ago - I forget what his screen name was though - if you search you should find info on it.

anyways you should just be able to do a direct swap I would guess. I'm not 100% sure if the shifter assy and cables will get the job done though.
they are not the same part - the GTS shifter and cables have a longer throw due to the Reverse gear spacing - I just can't recall if the 5 speed shifter and cables got it done for that one guy or not.

thats really the only issue though.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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