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bought a new car. Dave's new 1990 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD

The car is black with silver ground effects, and a tan leather interior. It is a 5 speed. The motor has been rebuilt and has 90k highway miles on it. The transfer case is properly serviced and repaired.

Here is what the car comes with:

6 bolt motor
Full race ported and clipped 14b turbo
2g ported exh. manifold
2g ported o2 piping
dejon tool upper and lower intercooler piping
dejon tool sidemount upgraded intercooler
ported turbo flapper
crushed 1g BOV
ported and polished 1g heads with 3 angle valve job
buschur racing 2.5" mandrel bent downpipe
buschur racing 2.5" high flow cat
buschur racing 2.5" mandrel bent catback exhaust
hallman manual boost controller running 17-20psi(depending on my mood)
act 2100 clutch
buschur racing high flow fuel pump
removed balance shafts

now onto suspension:
KYB AGX adjustable shocks and struts
Suspension Techniques lowering springs

Kenwood Execelon cd deck
Soundstream 5.1 component system up front
Alpine two-way 6.5" cone speakers in back
PPI 6600 6 channel amp (yes, PPI)
JL Audio sub

car's running on dunlop 205/55/16's (not sure on model)

body has one ding that can be poked out, and 14 year old faded black paint that will be getting repainted in a year or two. the interior needs a cleaning, as well.

the stock single piston brakes are downright scary with this car. they will be upgraded ASAP.

driving impressions:

I'm finally back in a real sports car. the handling on this thing is light years beyond my mustang, and i don't think my mustang could ever come close to this setup once i slap on some swaybars and a strut tower brace. from the ride quality, to the feel of driving this car, it's a wonder i ever left the DSM's.


it should run 12's shifting 1-3..holy **** i am going to kill myself in this thing :)

I need to do some upgrades to it yet though like:

get corbeau carrera seats
replace tan interior with a gray one
get the big brake upgrade
get some 17's
replace the sub with a 10 inch JL
get a profec B so i can adjust the boost on the fly
get the transmission beefed up to handle all this power(2nd gear is toast if i raced it)
get a 4 bolt rear end
get a bigger turbo ported/ thinking 18g.
get swaybars and a STB
get a fresh paint job in a year or two

The v6 is parted out, and up for sale.

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thanks :)

It's definitely got me excited. been trying to find a place thatll do the tranny work for a good price, so i can get some drag runs in on the car :) I'm not feeling the whole 1-3 shift thing for track use :)

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yup. in the driveway as we speak, waiting for another 400 mile trip back to school tomorrow :)

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haha thanks..the smiley face was taken out along with teh frankenstein thing :) those aren't mine :)

im trying to find someone with gray seats who wants to swap them out for tan leather seats in good condition..tan interior just isn't my thing. i also need to get a gray carpet too...

it's funny...even with all this work done, i still can find things i want to mod on it.

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Pure Racer said:
No pics, no mods ;) j/k. Congrats on the new car! Do you like it a lot better then your mustang? (that's what you had before right?)
hehe..hard to provide pics of stock turbo can see the dejon piping in the one pic, and the buschur exhaust muffler in the other the boost and egt guages :)

power wise, it would very obviously rape my stang. no question it's a tremendous improvement..from what i've been reading on Phil Beers' 90 Tsi FWD (, i'd benchrace the car to be mid 11 seconds capable with a 2600 clutch in there instead of the 2100.

handling wise..

no contest. but keep in ind my stang wasn't heavily modified suspension wise beyond basic subframes, and springs/shocks..the coilovers and lca's, etc werent installed yet because i was so uncertain about the cars future. now i get to sell em for profit and mod the DSM :)

basicalyl it came down to..invest heavily in the v6 and be almost as fast..or just buy an awd 1g that i've wanted since my last one got wrecked in 98. when i compared the bang for the buck, the older car won handily, and so did my luck in finding a car like this up for sale.

i'm truly impressed and happy with it.

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Welcoem back to the wonderful world of AWD imports :) Its good to have you back on our team.

Car looks sweet - I always loved that body style and the 2 tone looks nice. I love the interior on those as well. They just FEEL a lot more like a race car than a mustang does.

I mean, its still no alltrac, but hey - nobodys perfect ;)

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