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ive never been so glad....

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to see my oem boot and trd shift nob back on my car... it looks so much cleaner then that crappy one my dad put on without telling me...
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hombredelassrta said:
wnanna said:
Shift nobs are for racers or ricers.
arnt shift knobs for all people with manuals?
No. You automatic whores get them as well and add boots thinking your cool. Then some even go the distance by adding a 3rd pedal just to look cool
hombredelassrta said:
who are you saying "you people" to ;)
I figured you would respond.

Therefore let me clear up the sentence. "you people" refers to the manumatic whores.

Dan your just a plain ol fashioned whore.
hombredelassrta said:
yes... yes i am ;) but i'm still not a manumatic whore ;)
Thats why I gave you your own category.

Your level of whorage is much above a manumatic whore. Your are teh leetest wh0r3 around
xdrummer_boyx said:
hombredelassrta said:
or somehow streach the boot up. looks bad showing the rod. also shouldnt it be rotated 90deg ?
coudnt turn anymore coz thats how the threading is. and if i made it go the other way without tightning all the way down it would be too loose. and im getting a shortshifter and new springs today :D
It goes on straight.. I've seen them. I'm sure rotating 90 wont make it loose.. if so you could probably alter the badge.
Hmm... that stinks.
Oh you used the JDM sh|t. +1 pt.
1 - 7 of 52 Posts
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