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IX Pics

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Looks like a good showing. Congrats to all those that placed and thanks to all that represented DCM.

Note to those that were showing: Detail your wheel wells! I don't care how bling-bling your wheels were and if they're 19s or not but if I see road grit and the squirrel that you ran over last week I'm going to subtract points. I saw numerous cars, of any brand, that had this overlooked. I realize that when you pull in the wells and the tire treads are going to be dirty but give any of the visible surfaces at least a once over.
ringthree said:
Agreed Brad, I always check for that when I am judging. One kid was actually shocked when I did that, I was like what do you think my job is?
Exactly. I wasn't even there but it stuck out in the pics like a sore thumb so I know it must have been bad.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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