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JDM Celica Doorsills

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HI Everyone!

We are selling our JDM doorsills only 2 weeks of use!!! It's normally a 2-3 month wait from Japan or if you get on the group buy list you can get these for anywhere ranging from $135.00 - $150.00 they have only been used for 2 weeks I just got them in last month so they are practically new. They are full replacements door sills for both sides for the grey interior color 2000-2002 model. I believe they will fit any Celica years 2000-2006. Please confirm if you guys know. I know they fit 2000-2002 perfect. Anyway, for those interested get these if you don't want to wait.

I'm putting them on the forum since we need the extra cash for other expenses. The last time the car was even driven out was at the Celica meet a couple days ago. Anyway, thanks again for everything to those who have purchased from us before you all are the best. We do our best to take care of all our stuff as the we own a show car and right now it's just sitting in the garage again with a car cover. It will not be driven for awhile as we need to fix the belt tensioner again for the 3rd time as it's squeeking so it's on jack stands awaiting the piece.

I guarantee these are an awesome addition to the Celica. I wouldn't get rid of these at all but under certain circumstances it's a must. These have no scratches, nicks, bends, warps, fading on Aluminum Celica sill, no damage whatsoever and the best part everything is flawless. I'm selling these to local buyers as well and a few other things I just listed recently.

My local for sale thread:

Shipped $100.00
Picked Up: $90.00

Photo's below (Packed & Ready to Ship) :

Thanks All!
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pending sale to me :)
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