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That's why I don't really like to post in the other forums to often. There are so many different opinions about the same things that's it's hard to tell what is true and what is BS. Then when more that one person has the same BS information it gets even more irritating. I don't need to mention that whole, ahem!....."FF can dirft." fiasco that I had a problem with.

But sometimes tuners and techs are wrong. Not often but sometimes. Especially when they give advice about something that hasn't been done to often. Tuners can talk about tricks to tune a VTEC motor till the cows come home because it's been around for a long time. All the bad info has been filtered out. But the 1ZZ and 2ZZ is a fairly new engine. Granted vvt-i has been around for a couple of years before the 1ZZ and 2ZZ it's still a fairly new system. VVTL-i has only been in the 2ZZ. So everyone will have different opinions about tuning it. Until all the bad info is filtered out you can't take all the info you hear as gold. Keilen was probably the first to try and custom turbo his GT-S and he solved the blow-by problem that Brandon was having with the XS kit. Everyone overlooks things sometimes. XS didn't even want to help Keilen when he asked them for advice.

You know the S-AFC worked on yout GT when you had it, Clint has been running the S-AFC on his GT-S and has had no problems or powerloss the entire time he has had it. People who you gave you S-AFC tuning setting to know it works. What irritated me the most was that they kept saying try and ask the guys at splitsecond about why the S-AFC doesn't work yada yada yada. Of course they are going to say that thier product is better that somebody elses.

Perhaps the S-AFC only works well with mildly tuned N/A or mildly tuned stock turbo cars. It could have a problem with a N/A plus custom turbo set-up or a high boost turbo because the stock ECU doesn't have the proper maps programmed into it. You can't force a computer to do something it doesn't know how to do or isn't capable of doing. That's like asking a 6 year old to read Shakespeare, sure the kid can speak english, but there will be somethings that he won't know no matter how much you yell and scream at him.

Just let them debate along thier merry way and ignore it. After all you know what you know and they know what they know. For every person who says one thing works there will be the same amout who will differ.

On a side note, maybe Jersey Jay is a bit peeved because he got a GT-S auto and he thought it would be easy to just slap on a custom turbo on it. He put a lot of money into his GT-S and now he trying to sell it. From it seem it has never been running right for long time.

ok I think I've said enough. :gap:
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