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Kaminari wing

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Is it effective on creating downforce? For example if you road raced woud it be effective? What are some good effective wings? I have trd, i think it's effective..
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Wings are usually good for RWD, for FWD it only help slightly on braking, but hardly.... It's mostly aesthetic purpose...
I believe wings on FWD are mostly effective at 100+ MPH, so I've heard.
The reason people say wings are effective on RWD cars only relates to the small number of cars that have enough power to spin the tires at any speed, like top fuel dragsters, CART cars and F1 cars.

If you think about it, wings should be MORE effective on FWD cars in a race applications. Since you don't have the throttle to balance a car in a corner, FWD cars need to be tuned to oversteer more in order to handle well. Typically, to get a car to handle well in low speed corners, it will end up being loose in high speed corners. Adding a wing will add downforce to the rear of the car and theoretically balance the handling inhigh speed corners.
at 120MPH it kept the car very stable. That is how my RMM was like.
whatever the case, the Wing looks cool. I had one on my Celica back in the day :).

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you are wise Yoda
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