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knee pads

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Anyone have to wear a knee pad on their right knee to keep from getting bruised up by the center console? I've got a huge bruise on the outside of my right knee, and lefthanders are killing me.

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You can use a knee pad to help with the bruising. This is not uncommon among Celica autocrossers. One thing that may help is a Schroth Harness (no cutting or drilling required), to keep from having to brace yourself with your legs. - AB
I usually end the day with a sore knee. I think of it as a battle wound. :)
Been there done that. The harness has helped a lot, but not completely eliminated the post event soreness.

Ketter said:
Anyone have to wear a knee pad on their right knee to keep from getting bruised up by the center console?
I don't have right knee problems, but my left knee always gets a nice honeycomb pattern and bruise from the door speaker grill.

I've driven B1mmer's and autxr's cars, both with harnesses (I don't have one), and had the same problem.

I think this has to do with how tall you are. If you're much under 6', The console is in the way, over; no problem. I find it a very effective leg brace, as it hits me on the side of my calf just below the knee.

Now when I drive my Civic, I always hurt myself. The bruise on the inside of my left forearm is just fading from a 3/22 event. I kept bringing it across the harness buckle hard while fighting the 9.5" slicks and limited slip while steering.
I'll agree that the harness helped reduce the bruising problem. Hasn't completely eliminated it for me but it has reduced it. My first full season I had a bruise on the outside of my right calf for pretty much the entire season.
Driver was bruising her left knee on the door panel even with 5 point harness, so she started wearing a knee pad on that knee. Sporting goods stores have a large selection of body pads of a variety of types meant for different sports, pick one that is comfortable and works where you need it.
Thanks all. I had a feeling this might be a common problem. I think I'll try some padding for the next event.
I ran my Impreza RS a few times last year without a harness belt and had this same problem. Without realizing it I was bracing myself against the center console, and the day after the event, I had a nasty bruise on my right knee. Once I got the Schroth Rallye 4 in, no more bruise.
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