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Hey everyone, I have a 2003 Celica GT 5speed, so as the title says I have this sound, I start hearing it at about 2rpm and it seems to stop at 4rpm ; (if it still makes the sound after 4rpm I just don't hear it due to the straight piped corsa exhaust) I was told many things that it could be.
Timing is off, Rod knock, intake VVT gear, VVT solenoid, Serpentine belt, timing chain tensioner, belt tensioner pulley, valve tick, piston slap, and I think that covers what I have been told. I have replaced the spark plugs, VVT solenoid/filter, timing chain tensioner, belt tensioner pulley, serpentine belt, and valve cover gasket. But the problem is still there. No loss of power, no CEL (other than P0420 due to straight pipe) another weird thing, if I am in say 3rd gear at 3500rpm and I hear that noise, if I take my foot off of the gas pedal it goes away, but as soon as I hit the gas again it comes back. This noise happens in all gears 1-5/R/N. Sometimes when I go to start the car it don't want to start (it does but I have to give it some gas) and at other random times it has a weird idle. I want to also mention that I bought this car in February this year (2023) I am still new to the whole online forums so I do not know how to add the video with the sound, but I did post it on YouTube under the title -00-05 Toyota Celica GT knocking sound- if anyone of you could take a listen to it please and help me try to solve it, I would be really grateful.
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Belt tensioner
Belt tensioner was replaced
Here's a link to what I assume is the right video:
Yes ! That is the right one. It is a stitch of 3 short clips all together with the sound
You said the belt tensioner pulley had been changed. I was saying the tensioner itself, meaning arm and dampner
Yes, the whole thing, the arm, bolts, and pulley as a whole was changed and replaced
Sounds more engine to me, I'd guess something going on with either the VVT sprocket or top end valve train noise or timing chain slapping. Oil pressure light ever come on? How much oil is it burning? Have you ran it low on oil?
So I bought the car in February this year, it does not burn oil (from what I have noticed since I have had it) timing chain is tight and in time, the oil light has never came on since I have had it.

how would I check the VVT gear? Like what do I look for? I was told that it only happens at start up from the online searching I have done.

as for the valve train, would would cause the knock in it but not throw a CEL? And to check said possible issue would the Cams need to come out ?
I don't know why it sent the same two pictures twice, but when I did take the valve cover off I found this in there, but it seems to big to be a spring seat or spring retainer
so I have found the problem and fixed it. The issue was a spun bearing on my 4th cylinder.
Yo, #4 Spun Rod club is growing fast af rn
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Haha I believe it! But I am glad that I have it fixed, honestly that was the last thing I checked, I never thought a spun bearing or rod knock only happens in a certain range of RPMs but I guess that is good that I found it early haha
Mine did the same thing, and I ignored the warning......

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Woah !!! Yeah that is tough!!! I hope you got everything fixed and back together!!! I was blessed to have no damage on the crankshaft!
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