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does anyone know best website for latest supra like

i wrecked my car about 2 weeks ago

so wut im trying to do is buy a non-turbo supra and make it twin turboed

they have same shortblock right?

3.0 in-line 6

so i thought all i have to do is leave the shortblock alone and mess with cylinder head
buy the turbocharger and exhaust manifolder and intake manifolder make it twinturboed oh i forgot the TT ECU

wut do u guys think?
i think it's too easy to be true
i know somebody with more knowledge can help me out on this one

i thought of buying a new WRX but i decided to go for supra

i really really like the designs of toyota cars like 00+ celi and latest supra and MR2 and MRS
and the performance aint bad even though there aint many for ours

please guys help me out on this one and let me do ONE-LOVE to TOYOTA

i thank u guys a lot for the helps and i will do my best to make other people think in same way.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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