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This is probably off topic, but its definitely FL related...

Where can we send pics? 2-reasons I ask...

Driving down I-4 last week and saw:
red mustang (old) w/ the following stickers: Type-R, COBRA, "fast and the furious" (yes, along the bottom bumper was a sticker that said that, in orange letters) Had about 15 other miscellaneous stickers for things I couldn't identify...:wtf:

In Ft. McCoy, FL, while on a site:
Green Saturn w/ 15" spoke rims that stick out of the car about 2 inches and a modified exhaust. I had a good laugh at this one and thought of taking a pic...:rofl:

I think this website is for personal use only, but sometimes they're just so good, I have to share...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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