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I have seen a few posts on this issue and still can't seem to identify where the issue is.

I got in my car after a hard freeze one morning(btw, it had been raining for several days prior to the freeze), started it up, and turned on the heat and the rear defroster. As the window began defrosting I noticed there was a lot of moisture on the inside of the glass. The rear glass was so wet it started dripping into the trunk. The windshield was also wet on the inside but not quite as bad. I then started investigating. The passenger side carpet was wet and as the heater ran it fogged up my front windshield. (at this point I am fearing I will have to replace the heater core.) I pulled back the carpet on the passenger side and noticed a rubber cap near the center console. After feeling the carpet, I am pretty sure it is plain water, not coolant leaking, it had no smell and did not feel like coolant.

Does anyone know where this cap might go?

Is there any other cause of this besides a heater core going bad?

Any help is appreciated
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