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LED Low beam conversion guide!
Since LEDs are actually viable as a now beam I went ahead and installed some on my Celica. For this guide you will have to remove the headlight and you should do the “Smiley Face/UFO removal” mod in my other guide.

That being said you’ll need H7 adapters/spacers which you can buy or modify your stock ones. I modified a set for HIDs; or you can bend your retainer clips to hold the bulbs better but I’m not about that ghetto life. They’re known as “H7 LED adapter” and look like this. Not all LED bulbs are the same so I can’t guarantee this will work for you. I also purchased 95mm headlight dust caps so I could keep my stock ones.

First remove headlight
Remove stock bulb and unscrew the retainer screw holds the low beam bulb clip in

My bulb has a removable H7 clip and looks basically like this, if you push down and twist the clip will come off

This is the adapter removed off the LED bulb

Remove the O-Ring

Now this is where the “H7 LED adapter” will be installed however I cut the base off the HID adapter. Here is what it looks like unmodified and a stock bulb for comparison.

Here is what it looks like after I chopped the base off and widened the hole

Next cut you’ll modify the aftermarket dust caps, here are what mine looked like (10 bucks off amazon)

Next cut a hole so the LED headlight bulb will fit through, not too snug and not too loose. The boot will act as the new O-Ring

Now assemble in this order dust cap > modified spacer > original H7 adapter
You’ll have to spin the spacer around to align with the slots with the headlight so test fit and it will look like this assembled

The retainer clip will have to go in the inside of the boot like this

Insert the bulb, mess around to get the clip back under the screw and on the clip then put the boot around the housing.

Done! :love::love:

EDIT: Original thread for Q&A
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