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Hey everyone...with the recommendation of trdeed i bought my car to Lindsay Taylor in Uniondale, NY....and well he did a superb was quite a bit of $$$$$ $650 to be exact but he spent the entire day fixing what i messed up otherwise it would've only cost around $300. I tried to drill the broken bolt out and i kinda drilled into the shaft.

He went thru the trouble of taking out the cams, rocker arms, taking out the metal pieces from the metal rod, and adjusted the belt tensioner. He even adjusting the gap btwn my spark plugs and changed my oil at the same time so big probs to Lindsay. If you guys need your lift bolts fixed he's the man...nice guy, good at what he does and very knowledgeable.

You can reach him at (516) 790-2099.

NOW I can really feel what lift feels like cuz i bought the car w/o the lift i guess because the bolt was already broken :) My car runs like it's brand spanking new and i'm really really really happy :)
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