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Light timer?

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alryte, as you can see, I'm a noob! I don't have a celica yet, but will be planning on getting one soon. I was bored the other day and came up with this idea and was wondering if it is possible.

Lets say you have 4 neon tubes inside your car and you want it so that when you open your door to get in, the lights turn on, and then after 30 or so seconds, they dim and turn off, or as soon as u put the key in they turn off, so basically only when the door is open they will remain on...i was wondering if u could just hook them up to an interior light with a timer or whatt? anyways just an idea, thats all, im sure its been done, just wondering how

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That's exactly how mine are set up. I wired it to the dome light, so whenever a door is opened, or remote-unlocked, etc. they illuminate, and vice versa.

BTW, don't use that font. Stick with the regular stuff like everyone else.
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