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Look at this pic!!!

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What do ya think?
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Looks like a red X

Oh wait it is! ;)
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photoshop forum maybe? that doesn't look that hard..
Ah. I see it now. Looks cool, but it isn't very hard to do in Photoshop. Good work though :thumbup:
:stupid: not hard at all...

mmm plastic wrap... nice work but doesn't belong here.. in b4 da move!!
meh...takes 2 seconds in PS to do that with a filter. No big deal.
Yeah, it`s easy to do in PS.

However, the pic has great composition though. Maby that`s what Mod4Life is mostly pleased with. :)
not too bad but i'm personally not a fan of using hardly any of the filters in PS. keep stuff clean and simple, it'll look way better that way :).
Thanks SilverRide For your Positive attitude! I know its simple but I just like the way it looks.
BTW Hows my sig?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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