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Looking for 7th Gen Celicas for Orlando car club

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Hi, my name is Tek. I am the vice president for Team STI (Street Tuned Imports). We are based in Orlando and are a fairly new car club. Existing for about 6 months now, we've attended many car shows statewide and are quickly gaining popularity and recognition. We are currently 11 members strong and are interested in finding another member before the Speedlife show on July 19th. Our club has built it's foundation on friends first and foremost as well as well rounded cars. So we're all about having the greatest time just as long as most of the work is accomplished. Please check out our website at . Pictures should be updated from Hot Import Nights very soon. So if you're interested in hanging out with a great group of people and getting your car recognized in shows statewide, please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks everyone!

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hey also checkout .... its our toyota CC
are you from S FL by any chance? that car looks familiar
Actually, I'm originally from South Florida, my parents' house is by Pembroke Pines so I'm down there occasionally. Atleast I hope there's not another car like mine down there.
what hs did u go to?
very nice celica!!!:thumbup:
what are the requirments, because id love to join a club but im gonna be attending college and thats first priority. and i cant afford many mods right now.
celi where u going to college? check out
Good luck with your club!
I actually went to St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Ft. Lauderdale, but the car was really stock then. As for the requirements for the club, we really don't want finished cars. We're not like Jade or ECI...yet anyway. I guess a nice kit, with nice wheels and atleast good plans and ambitions towards future modifications might do just fine. Some of us are pretty far along, and some are not. But hey...if you're cool, that scores ALOT of points as well. Thanks for being so cooperative guys, especially since I'm not a 7th gen Celica. Hehe...later
It's all about the Toyota badge. ;)
ha didn't u chill with vivian vo and them....didn't you also use to chill with mark dalisay he drives a lude....i went to STA also
im going to ucf.......o and i have big big big plans
Dude that is damn near freaky. Yeah I did used to chill with Vivian and I still chill with Mark. He sold the Lude though and drives a WRX now. What's your name, I probably remember you.

Anyways, if you're interested in joining Team STI and you live in or around Orlando contact me ASAP with info and pictures at '[email protected]'. With so many nice 7th gens around, we're going to need a sick ass one! The reason why I'm asking for Orlando people only right now is because we like to keep the crew real tight. Thanks guys, later.
im neil graduated 2 years after you guys real good friends melissa ortega and richelle garcia, and mark and his brother ryan are my god brothers but na im in tallahasse
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