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Pulled this up from Itoaster ( the person who did an actual swap) please note that parts with an * next to it can be purchased in the U.S. I recommend you try and get those quotes or parts in the U.S. then I will try to get the quotes and parts only offered in Japan. In the mean time I am trying to see if someone can source me an entire dash untouched.....for now no has answered. Again it all comes down to has the connection to the right junk yard and the timing.

Control Plate
Wiring harness
Blower Assembly (87130‑20650)
Blower Controller/Resistor (87165‑41010)*
Fresh/Recirculate Servo (87106‑20440)
Mode Servo (87106‑20410)*
Mode Linkage
Air Temp Servo (87106‑20430)
Temperature damper lever
Interior Temp Sensor (88790‑12020)*
Exterior Temp Sensor (88625‑20500)
After-Evaporator Temp Sensor (88625-20510)*
Solar Sensor (88625‑47031)*
*=Available in USA as a Toyota/Lexus part
Are you still living in Japan?
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